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Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Companies, Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Veterinary Facilities, and all types of Health Care Facilities have a common need. They all need sanitary, seamless, durable and easy-to clean floors (and walls). WIT installs polymer flooring and wall systems designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

For optimum hygiene and sanitation in your critical areas of operation, we install VOC compliant, antimicrobial flooring systems along with complete floor-cove-walls and ceiling which provide a seamless, sanitary surface for entire rooms. These high-performance coatings won’t harbor dirt, dust or the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, are easy to clean and meet FDA, USDA and OSHA requirements.

These systems which are custom designed for your distinct use conditions and aesthetic requirements, are ideal for production areas, packaging lines, research labs, clean rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, hallways, kitchens, restrooms/showers, cafeterias, animal holding areas and cage wash areas.

Whether your needs are a seamless floor with integral cove base or an entire room, our systems are available in multiple colors and designs, chemistries and textures for both new construction and existing facilities.


Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Western Industrial Technology is a specialty contractor serving the Industrial, Retail, Commercial and Public Works markets. We are Certified Installers for most of the major manufacturers and have successfully completed over 5,200 jobs/projects.

What We Do