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Manufacturing facilities have ongoing problems with their concrete floors. WIT offers coating systems in a variety of colors, chemistry and colors to meet the demands of your application in Production Areas, Packaging Areas Traffic Aisles, Machine Shops, Battery Charging Areas, Secondary Containment Areas, Assembly Areas, Warehouse Areas, Loading Docks, Clean Rooms, Break/Lunch Room, Locker Rooms and Restrooms. We also install Decorative Floor Finishes for Lobbies, Offices and Common Areas.

Worker protection and safety is critical in any facility. Among our services is safety related floor repairs (cracks, joint and trip hazard repairs) and the installation of Non-Skid Flooring. We work at night when required using fast-cure polymer materials and floors can return to service the next morning. Let us help you maintain a safe facility by preventing trips, falls, and dropped forklift loads like we have done for Home Depot and Costco for 15 years.

Facilities where electronic components are manufactured or assembled must protect these products from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Manufacturing processes using flammable solvents, metal pigments or other explosive materials require conductive flooring to prevent explosions. Both ESD and Conductive flooring are installed bt WIT crews.

Slip Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Heavy-Duty Industrial, Decorative or Polished Concrete ……… if you have a concrete floor problem, WIT has a solution. New construction or existing facilities.


Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Western Industrial Technology is a specialty contractor serving the Industrial, Retail, Commercial and Public Works markets. We are Certified Installers for most of the major manufacturers and have successfully completed over 5,200 jobs/projects.

What We Do